Hillary Unmasked

Old Hilda Beast

The mask has come off after the election of Donald Trump as President.

Hillary looks like something the cat drug in.

This is the real hillary clinton.  A sick and defeated looking deplorable feminist who needs a major makeover.

Hillary clinton insulted Americans by calling them vaious names such as deplorables in a basket.

Hillary's quest to be elected was just a campaign of insults.

Hillary clinton said:

"The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that, and he has lifted them up."

Hillary was talking about Americans who did not like her and would not vote for her.

The state run national news media, the republican party upper crust, various corporations, and as she says "you name it" did their very best to deceive the American voter into thinking hillary clinton would and could be elected.

A miracle has happened because hillary lost the election and her mask has been ripped off.

No longer is she displayed everywhere as a winner. She like moochelle will soon be left in the dust by American voters.

Hillary is and was always a loser that was propped up by the liberal media bubble.

The state run media can and does deceive people with FAKE news every day.

If you only listen and watch cbs,nbc,abc,pbs etc etc you will stay ignorant.

A tidal wave of REAL news is on the way. It has begun. Liberals from coast to coast are just spinning their wheels and not getting traction with thinking americans.

The state run nation news media msnbc,cnn,pbs etc etc is shrinking in numbers of viewers.

Ameircnas are turning to other sources for the news. They want real news not state run national news media FAKE news.

I as a Citizen Journalist  am part of the tidal wave of REAL news. I unlike the state run national news media to not 'take a knee' when reporting the news.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

― Adolf Hitler

This is exactly what Hillary clinton, barack obama and the liberal democrats have done over and over. Big lies told over and over and many who hear these big lies of the state run national news media believed the FAKE news and many still do because of their ignorance.

These are the 'snowflakes' that believe the big lies theywere tld over and over by hillary and obama. Its not just 'snowflake' college students its also many other people who just listen to the nightly news that has programmed them to fear republicans or conservatives or others who disagree with the state run national media talking points.

'Talking point snow flakes' and others who rely on nbc,cbs,abc,pbs etc for their news are getting FAKE news.

I am here to 'get your mind right'.  I am the Citizen Journalist.

Accurate analysis based on accurate facts is the key to real news. I am a citizen journalist that analyzes news reports. I try to use accurate facts for your analysis of my analysis of the news. How can you know if your reading fake news or accurate real news? It all depends on the accuracy of the news source and of course your own personal analysis.

Everyone including the citizen journalist makes mistakes and gets it wrong sometimes. I try to get it right the first time but the accuracy of my analysis is based #1 on the accuracy of the news source. I am not trying to do your thinking for you like the state run national media and various corporations do. As a citizen journalist I am seeking to find the real news. This takes research on my part.

You can begin to start getting 'de-programmed' by finding REAL news sources.

I am a Citizen Journalist  who can point you in the right direction. There is REAL news and there is FAKE news.

REAL news sources can be found at ParrotNewsReport.com

The state run national news media live in the vanity of their own minds. They do your thinking for you because they think you can't and also they want you to believe their FAKE news reports.

They are just like advertising and thats all. They want to sell you a product.

Obama is a packaged product they have sold you for 8 years. The outside of the package hides the contents that contain deception and lies.

The state run national news media was sure they could package hillary just like obama and you would by it.

Americans opened hillary's packageon election day and knew it was empty just like obama's package.

Hillary had a campaign makeover by the state run national news media. The package they thought would sell. It didn't.

She was unmasked by the American people. What they saw was something ugly they did not want.

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